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Enhancing security with your guest network

Your Guest Wi-Fi Network(available on most routers) has additional uses besides temporary internet access.

By separating Wi-Fi access on your network with the Guest Network SSID and separate WPA2 passphrase, you can protect your normal Wi-Fi passphrase from being discovered. Additionally, you should restrict the Guest Network so that it doesn't have access to your local network. This reduces the possibility of discovering and compromising the other devices (the important ones) on your local network.

We suggest placing all IoT devices(when possible) on your Guest Network if you are not required to access them by IP address, that is when they are accessible through the internet via an app. Devices like SONOS speakers which require connecting to the local IP address must be connected to the same local network as your handheld device or tablet. Ring and similar devices can be placed on the Guest Network since they require an internet connection and are accessible through the internet via the app on your handheld device or tablet.

If you need help determining if this is feasible with your specific IoT device, please leave a comment with the device Mfg. and model number.

IoT Network Diagram