Clickety Ship

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Clickety Ship ( is our internal e-commerce project at Hightown Hill.

It has been our experience that the best way to understand the hurdles businesses face is to jump in and address the issues for ourselves. This approach results in working out proven solutions which can be applied to other business and e-commerce websites.

The Clickety Ship online store provides a variety of networking, telecommunications, and business equipment necessary to support business infrastructures and technical needs at competitive prices. Additionally Clickety Ship will be offering consumer electronics in the near future.

The mission of Clickety Ship is to sell high quality products at a competitive prices, and ship in a reasonable amount of time, securely, dependably, and courteously.

So as you see, the objectives and mission are similar to other e-commerce stores. At Hightown Hill we take the building and management of business and e-commerce sites seriously. We desire to offer value to our customers and we first prove it in our own backyard.

By the way, if you are looking for office equipment, stop by Clickety Ship and see if we have the product to meet your needs. New products are constantly added!