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Wave Financial Software

Financial software is costly.


Here's a terrific alternative to QuickBooks, without the cost! Yes, that's right, Wave has a fully featured FREE version. 


For small business owners, non-profits and for personal use, this makes Cents (saves some) :)

Wave financial software


Hightown Hill

Matthew 5:14

What do we do, exactly?

Hightown Hill is a tech solution provider that aims at assisting business growth by leveraging technology.

At Hightown Hill, we specialize in the development and maintenance of business websites, digital marketing, improving and securing business systems and networks. We help navigate, plan and implement solutions to assist in business operations, simplify internal processes, and promote sustained business growth.

We have over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing, advertising, technical SEO, SEM, web design and development, system, security and network administration.