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SEO Site Audit and Website Analysis includes the following:
  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Low word count
  • Broken links
  • Slow page load speed
  • HTTPS implementation issues
  • Missing title tags
  • Missing meta description
  • Missing h1 tag
  • Incorrect hreflang implementation
  • Images with empty 'alt' tags
  • Nofollow attributes on links
  • hreflang conflicts within page source code
  • incorrect hreflang links
  • AMP pages have HTML issues
  • AMP pages have style and layout issues
  • AMP pages have templating issues
  • AMP pages have no canonical tag
  • website has redirect chains and loops
  • canonical link is broken
  • website has multiple canonical URLs
  • large HTML size
  • mixed content
  • non-secure page
  • no redirects or canonicals to HTTPS URLs
  • SSL certificate registered to an incorrect domain name
  • old security protocol version
  • expiring or expired SSL certificate
  • internal link is broken
  • external link is broken
  • page doesn't have title tags
  • page has duplicate title tags
  • page has duplicate content issues
  • page returned 5XX status codes
  • page couldn't be crawled
  • page couldn't be crawled (DNS resolution issues)
  • external image is broken
  • page returned 4XX status codes
  • internal image is broken
  • page couldn't be crawled (incorrect URL formats)
  • page has duplicate meta descriptions
  • robots.txt file has format errors
  • sitemap.xml files have format errors
  • wrong page found in sitemap.xml
  • page has a WWW resolve issue
  • page has no viewport tag
  • website has temporary redirects
  • page is uncompressed
  • HTTPS pages lead to HTTP page
  • HTTP URLs in sitemap.xml for HTTPS site
  • no SNI support
  • page doesn't have meta descriptions
  • page has a low text-HTML ratios
  • page has a low word count
  • homepage does not use HTTPS encryption
  • page has more than one h1-heading
  • page uses Flash
  • sitemap.xml not found
  • page has 302 redirects
  • image doesn't have alt attributes
  • page has a slow loading speeds
  • page has a too short text within the title tags
  • page has a too long text within the title tags
  • page is lacking language declaration
  • page doesn't have declared encoding
  • page doesn't have doctypes declared
  • page doesn't have an h1 heading
  • page contains frames
  • page has underscores in the URL
  • internal link contains nofollow attributes
  • sitemap.xml not indicated in robots.txt
  • page has too many on-page links
  • page has too many parameters in their URLs
  • page has duplicate content in the h1 heading and the title tag
  • orphaned pages in sitemap
  • hreflang language mismatch issues
  • no HSTS support
  • page blocked the SEMrush crawler
  • the URLs on page is too long
  • external link contains nofollow attributes
  • robots.txt not found
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