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What is custom web design?

Custom web design is a reflection of your business online and should convey a clear, concise message to your customer across all channels. Web design should captivate the audience, be user friendly while keeping usability and accessibility in mind. Web page design should also improve SEO when implemented properly. The reality is, there is much more to web design then templates, effects and awesome pictures.

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Do you need custom web design services?

Our answer is definitely, and this isn’t because we simply hope you will hire us, we certainly do. The reason our answer is yes is because it affects your business. Perception matters and redesigning or updating a logo, graphics and other design elements provides a fresh look and appeals to your customers. If your business is starting out, you’ll want to ensure your business or e-commerce web design and branding is unlike anything else and clearly communicates your intent to your customers.

Are you aware search engines also rank for stagnate content, page speed and mobile usability? That means by not optimizing images, deferring design updates, website layouts, graphics, logos, etc., you can hurt your search position (see On Page SEO). Additionally, grabbing a WordPress template (or any other platform), throwing in some images with parallax scrolling and HD video may get people to say, “Wow that’s cool”. However, it doesn’t necessarily produce measurable results or improve usability, which is the point.

So why employ our web design company?

At Hightown Hill, we have over a decade of custom web design experience. We know the importance of staying current with web trends, improving web design layouts and refining the branding and aesthetics of your business or e-commerce website. We value your business and treat it as our own.

Custom web design services include the following.
  • Website layouts and user interfaces (user experience, usability, accessibility)
  • Responsive web design, mobile friendly
  • Web graphics, advertisements and banners
  • Logo design
  • Icon design